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How do I disable delay timers when CDRouter starts?

The default CDRouter configuration file includes delays on the LAN and WAN sides before the first test case is started. These delays can be used to control the initial startup process, and include:

  • startDelay : controls the amount of time after both LAN and WAN interfaces have been established CDRouter waits before starting tests (defaults to 3 seconds)

  • lanStartDelay : controls the amount of time CDRouter waits after the WAN side connection has been established before starting DHCP clients on the LAN(defaults to 3 seconds)

  • pppConnectionDelay : controls the amount of time CDRouter waits after a PPP session is established before the PPP session is used (defaults to 10 seconds)

However, you can disable these delays or shorten them to speed up the initial start-up process. To disable all start-up delays, the following testvars can be set in your configuration file:

testvar startDelay            0
testvar lanStartDelay         0
testvar pppConnectionDelay    0