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How do I execute cdrouter-diag?

QA Cafe may ask you to execute cdrouter-diag on your CDRouter system and send the cdrouter-diag.tar.gz file to QA Cafe Support.

cdrouter-diag is a system diagnostic tool installed with CDRouter. The full path is /usr/bin/cdrouter-diag. When cdrouter-diag is executed, it will produce a tarball file called /tmp/cdrouter-diag.tar.gz that contains system and diagnostic information which may be useful for troubleshooting issues.

[root@nta1000]# cdrouter-diag

Please wait while the system diagnostic information is gathered...

The system diagnostic information has been saved to the following file:

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 389568 Mar 24 14:37 /tmp/cdrouter-diag.tar.gz

Please verify its contents before sending it to

If your system contains a wireless interface, you should also include the --wireless option. This tells cdrouter-diag to collect more information about the wireless interface(s) in your system.

[root@nta1000]# cdrouter-diag --wireless