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How to Select a Configuration File at Package Launch Time

Select a Configuration File When Launching a Package

The CDRouter UI allows the user to select a configuration file at package launch time. Previously, the configuration file could only be chosen when the package was defined. The configuration file was statically ’linked’ to a package. This meant that every package had to be defined with a different configuration file, even if the set of tests was the same for each package.

With this new enhancement, a package only needs the set of tests and run-time options to be defined and then the configuration file may be chosen dynamically when the package is launched. This means a single package may be run against many different configurations without needing to define a new package for each one.

When a package is created/defined, a default configuration file still needs to be chosen, but when the package is launched via the CDRouter UI, a different configuration file maybe chosen.

“Launch Package”

Select a Configuration File When Launching a Testlist

This feature works with a testlist, as well. A testlist is essentially a package that is defined without a default configuration file. Testlists can be included in other packages, and can also now be launched. When launching a testlist a configuration must be chosen at launch time.

Select a Configuration File when Restarting a Package or Testlist

In addition to being able to choose a configuration file at package launch time, it can also be changed when you restart a package based on a specific result.

“Restart Package Result”