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Viewing Network Captures in CloudShark

By default, network captures are viewed within CDRouter’s web UI. Network captures can also be uploaded and opened in CloudShark, enhancing your packet analysis capabilities. Integrate CloudShark into your CDRouter system to take advantage of the following features:

CloudShark API Token

First, you must define an API Token on your CloudShark system for CDRouter to use while uploading captures. This API token will be used in the next step while configuring CDRouter to upload captures to CloudShark.

CDRouter Configuration

Next on your CDRouter system, configure the integration by going to the System page in the CDRouter GUI and clicking the CloudShark Appliance button. On this page enter the URL of your CloudShark system and the API token you created in CloudShark. You can also configure additional tags to apply when CDRouter uploads the network capture to CloudShark.


Opening a Capture

Now, when viewing a test log file, select network capture from the Files drop down, which will upload the capture file to your CloudShark instance and open it in your browser!