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What should I check if I do not receive an initial Inform from CPE?

If you configure the testvar acsWaitForInform , CDRouter will wait up to this interval in order to receive the first Inform from the CPE. If the Inform is not received, CDRouter will fail the startup phase and end the test session. There are a couple of things to check if the Inform is not being received during this interval.

  • NTP – Some devices will hold off sending the initial Inform while they try to synchronize the system clock using NTP. You can enable the built-in CDRouter NTP server to speed up this process.

  • Short wait interval – If you are using a small value for acsWaitForInform , you may need to increase this value.

  • CPE configuration – Verify that the CPE is configured with the correct IP or domain name of the ACS server. By default, CDRouter will populate the name in all of the CDRouter DNS servers. This domain name maps to the testvar acsIp .

Please see this Knowledge Base article for more information on common issues with TR-069 and SSL.