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CDRouter PRPL High-Level API Test Summaries

Test Case Summaries

  • Modules: 2
  • Test Cases: 10

Below is a summary of the testcases in each module


Prpl High-Level API Tests

Test Name Synopsis
prpl_hl-api.1.1 Profile GetSupportedDM
prpl_hl-api.1.2 Profile Parameters Write
prpl_hl-api.1.3 Get
prpl_hl-api.1.4 Set
prpl_hl-api.1.5 Add and Delete


Prpl High-Level API Tests for CWMP

Test Name Synopsis
prpl_hl-api-cwmp.2.1 Profile GetParameterNames
prpl_hl-api-cwmp.2.2 Profile Parameters Write
prpl_hl-api-cwmp.2.3 Get
prpl_hl-api-cwmp.2.4 Set
prpl_hl-api-cwmp.2.5 Add and Delete