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This testvar’s default value is computed dynamically and may not always be the value below. Please see the testvar’s description for details.



This parameter specifies the IPv6 address prefix assigned by CDRouter’s DHCPv6 server on the WAN to the DUT. The DUT should use this prefix as the basis for its LAN side IPv6 configuration. The prefix delegation latency parameter defines the expected maximum amount of time it takes the DUT to update its LAN-side IPv6 settings when a new prefix is learned on the WAN.

If not defined in a WAN interface group, this testvar’s default is computed using the WAN interface group number. For example, if dhcpv6WanAssignPrefix/dhcpv6WanAssignPrefixLen is 3001:dddd::/48 in the main testvar group, then dhcpv6WanAssignPrefix would default to 3001:dddd:2:: in the testvar group wan2, 3001:dddd:3:: in the testvar group wan3, etc..