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This parameter specifies the MAC address of the DUT’s CM interface. If specified, CDRouter’s DOCSIS DHCP server will only respond to requests from the specific CM DHCP client whose MAC address matches this value; requests from other CM DHCP clients will be ignored. If this parameter is not specified, CDRouter’s DOCSIS DHCP server will respond to any CM DHCP client.

Note that CM DHCP clients are identified by the value of the Vendor Class Identifier (option 60) in transmitted DHCP messages of the Vendor Class string (option 16) in DHCPv6 messages. Clients that include the string docsis in either option are considered CM clients and will be serviced by CDRouter’s DOCSIS DHCP/DHCPv6 server. All other clients will be serviced by CDRouter’s primary DHCP/DHCPv6 server.

Note: Prior to CDRouter 13.9 this testvar was also applicable to DHCPv6. That functionality has been replaced by the docsisClientDuid testvar.

This testvar was added in CDRouter 10.3