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This option specifies whether or not the DUT supports 802.1ad VLAN stacking on its WAN interfaces. If set to yes, CDRouter will ignore the values of testvars wanVlanId/wanVlanPriority. Instead, CDRouter will use the values of the testvars wanOuterVlanId/wanOuterVlanPriority for the VLAN ID/priority of the outer tag, or S-tag, and wanInnerVlanId/wanInnerVlanPriority for the VLAN ID/priority of the inner tag, or C-tag.

By default, CDRouter will use standard 802.1ad TPID tag values for the S-tag (0x88a8) and C-tag (0x8100) VLANs. Setting the wanOuterVlanQinQ testvar to “yes” will enable “QinQ” style tagging, causing CDRouter to use 0x8100 for both the outer and inner tag.

This testvar was added in CDRouter 8.0