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Value Type


Accepted Values

DHCP | static | none

Default Value



This option specifies the mode, or protocol, used by CDRouter to obtain IPv4 addresses on the LAN.

If DHCP is chosen, the DHCP address pool used by the DUT must also be configured. Note that when DHCP is enabled, CDRouter will use the DHCP pool range to determine the validity of IP address(es) received by its DHCP clients. CDRouter’s DHCP clients expect to receive an IP address within the specified DHCP pool range.

If static is chosen, CDRouter’s LAN clients will automatically assign an address from the configured DHCP pool. These clients will also use the DNS server specified by the testvar wanDnsServer when the testvar lanStaticDns is set to ‘yes’ and use the value of lanIP when lanStaticDns is set to ’no’.

The expected DHCP pool can be configured using the testvars dhcpClientStart and dhcpClientEnd. These values must be on the same subnet as the DUT’s LAN IP which is configured using the testvar lanIp.

This testvar was added in CDRouter 9.2