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This should be a complete path to an object in the EUT’s datamodel that fulfills the USP Conformance test Feature ID 31.

The USP Conformance test plan has several tests which use the BootParameter object because instances can be added, updated or deleted and because the functionality of the BootParameter is self-contained. Its presence or lack thereof bears no weight on the function of the USP agent as a whole.

If the USP Agent used for testing does not support the BootParameter object this testvar can be used to configure an alternate nested multi-instance object path for testing.

The value of this testvar must be a nested multi-instance object.


testvar Device.LocalAgent.Controller.{i}.BootParameter.{i}.

In this example CDRouter will attempt to add/delete instances of BootParameter objects.

testvar Device.LocalAgent.Controller.{i}.MTP.{i}.

In this example CDRouter will attempt to add/delete instances of the MTP object.


When the specified path contains Device.LocalAgent.Controller. CDRouter will use the controller instance assigned to its own controller.

Special Requirements:

The outer multi-instance object must have a Name and or Alias unique key, or in the case of a path using a Controller instance EndpointID will be used as well.

This testvar was added in CDRouter 12.4