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CDRouter integration with RDK Automatics


Automatics is a comprehensive test automation system that supports functional and non-functional testing. It offers operators a common framework with predefined scripts, providers, and test utilities, simplifying the testing process. A major feature of the Automatics framework is the ability to work with external tools, such as CDRouter, to enhance its capabilities.

Any RDK community member can use this system to validate their RDK builds or their infrastructure. To access the RDK wiki pages linked below you must be a preferred member of RDK.


A prerequisite for setting up this integration is having Automatics Release 22 or newer installed.
Additional software requirements are necessary for supporting the CDRouter Service on the Orchestration VM are located:


The integration of CDRouter in Automatics allows for executing all 1.0, 3.0, and CDRouter test cases exclusively through Automatics. Automatics utilizes the CDRouter Web API for execution. The details of how to set this up are located: