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Using CDRouter USP Expansion for self-testing certification


The Broadband Forum’s BBF.369 USP Agent Certification Program allows for self-testing certification using a Broadband Forum approved testing tool with final review by a Broadband Forum approved Test Agency. Certification test services are also available through approved Test Agencies.

This document describes the steps required to perform self certification of the Broadband Forum’s USP Agent Certification Program using CDRouter. For information on certification test services please contact an approved Test Agency directly.

The test plan for this certification program is defined in Broadband Forum TP-469, “Conformance Test Plan for USP Agents”. CDRouter release 12.24 and above have been validated as a Broadband Forum approved testing tool for version 1.1.0 (the latest) of TP-469.


  • The tester SHALL have a CDRouter system.
  • The tester SHALL have the CDRouter USP expansion enabled within their license.
  • The tester SHALL perform all testing using the latest release of CDRouter software validated for BBF.369 self-testing.
  • The company seeking certification for their Endpoint Under Test (EUT) SHALL be a member in good standing of the Broadband Forum.

Validated Releases

The usp_conformance test module within CDRouter contains a complete implementation of the tests defined in TP-469. The following table defines which version of TP-469 is implemented within each version of CDRouter.

CDRouter Versions TP-469 Version
13.8 or later 1.2.0


  1. Determine which USP MTPs the EUT (Endpoint Under Test) supports (i.e., STOMP, MQTT, or WebSockets).
  2. Determine which tests are supported by the EUT, as defined under “Mandatory vs. Conditional Mandatory Tests” in TP-469. An Endpoint Under Test (EUT) MUST complete all Mandatory test cases, and MUST complete all Conditional Mandatory test cases for ALL features supported by the EUT.
  3. Create a CDRouter configuration file with USP enabled for each of the MTPs identified in step 1. These configurations must be consistent with the EUT’s general settings and the USP agent configuration. Note that there are no specific configuration requirements for USP certification; any valid, working USP configuration for the MTPs of interest is acceptable.
  4. Create a new test package that references each configuration created in step 2. Select all of the tests from the usp_conformance test module that the EUT supports and add them to each test package.
  5. Run each test package created in step 3.
  6. Debug all results obtained in step 4 and re-run until all tests are PASSING.
  7. Once testing is complete and all tests have been PASSED for each MTP of interest, create a single export containing all applicable test runs. To do this, navigate to the Results page within CDRouter’s web UI, put a check mark next to each test result associated with each MTP, and click the Export button.
  8. Save the export archive obtained in step 7. This is required for certification.

Application for Certification

Contact a Broadband Forum Test Agency. Currently approved Test Agencies include:

Submit the export archive obtained during testing (step 8). Include the following information:

  • Product manufacturer
  • Product model
  • Product name
  • System software version
  • Supported “Feature IDs”

The Test Agency will guide applicants through the remainder of the certification process.

For full details of the Broadband Forum USP Agent Certification program, contact the Broadband Forum at

Review and Approval of Test Results by a Test Agency

Test Agencies should contact for information on how to approve self-testing certification test results.