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Key Concepts

  • CloudShark operates on complete capture files. Before a CloudShark capture session can be created, the entire capture must be sent to CloudShark.

  • CloudShark does not initiate the upload of a capture file. The user interface or management system of your device or application must initiate the capture and upload to CloudShark.

  • Upload your PCAP files over HTTPS with either the POST or PUT method. CloudShark will return a “session” identifier in JSON that your application uses to build a URL.

  • Applications must support users on both the CloudShark Personal hosted platform and CloudShark Enterprise customers who are running their own on-premise CloudShark appliance. Typically, all that needs to change is the URL of the API endpoint (so make it configurable!)

  • CloudShark loves metadata! If your PCAPs can be organized by tag, or need additional comments saved alongside them, send that to CloudShark along with the upload.

View the API documentation.