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Can I call another test case within my custom test case?

knowledge-base version 13.10

Yes. Any existing test case can be called from within a custom test case by referencing the test case name. For example, the code to run the cdrouter_basic_1 test case from a custom test case called my_customTests_1 would be:

proc my_customTests_1 {i} {

   # Do something

   # Call cdrouter_basic_1
   cdrouter_basic_1 $i


Note that when a test case is called in this fashion, any log and capture output will be included in the output of the calling test case. In the example above, the output of the cdrouter_basic_1 test will be included in the log and capture files of the test case my_customTests_1.

For more information on developing custom test cases, please see the CDRouter Developer’s Guide available in the Customer Lounge portion of our website.



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