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Can I run a custom script at the end of each test run?

knowledge-base version 13.10

Yes. Similar to RestartDut which allows a script to be run before a test package is run, the testvar ShutdownDut allows the user to specify scripts or commands to execute once all tests in the current test package have completed.

This feature may be useful in situations where you would like to perform some additional logging or turn off the device under test (DUT) following a test run. Turning off the DUT will reduce wireless noise and can also be useful in creating multi-device test environments.

For example, to execute a shutdown script located in /usr/cdrouter-data/custom/scripts/shutdown, configure the ShutdownDut as follows:

testvar ShutdownDut "/usr/cdrouter-data/custom/scripts/shutdown"

Note that multiple scripts or commands can be executed with the ShutdownDut testvar by separating each command with a semi-colon.



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