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How can I configure CDRouter to run without a DHCPv4 server in the router?

If the device under test (DUT) does not have a DHCPv4 server or you do not wish to use DHCPv4 on the LAN, set the testvar lanMode to ‘static’ in your CDRouter configuration file. For example,

testvar lanMode static

When the testvar lanMode is set to ‘static’, CDRouter will automatically assign IP addresses to any LAN clients from the IP range defined by the testvars dhcpClientStart and dhcpClientEnd :

testvar dhcpClientStart
testvar dhcpClientEnd

When configured this way, CDRouter will not send any DHCPv4 requests to the DUT. Also, any DHCPv4 server specific tests in your test package will be automatically skipped.

By default, the LAN clients will also use the DUT’s LAN IP as the DNS server address. This behavior can be modified by enabling the testvar lanStaticDns . This instructs CDRouter to use the value assigned to testvar wanDnsServer for all LAN clients.

testvar lanMode static

testvar lanStaticDns yes

testvar wanDnsServer

With the above configuration, LAN clients will send requests directly to the ‘real’ DNS server, instead of sending DNS requests to the DUT.