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Configuring the TR-069 ACS Domain Name

Updates to ACS Domain Name and TLS certificates

In CDRouter 11.8, the default domain name of the ACS was changed from to In TR-069, CPE devices rely on this fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) to connect and communicate with the ACS over CWMP.

This change affects both the DNS mapping to the ACS’s IPv4 or IPv6 address and its SSL/TLS certificates.

CPE devices and config files using the old domain name will need to be updated in order to successfully run TR-069 tests in CDRouter 11.8 and later versions.

Below is a checklist of configuration changes that must be made to CPE settings and CDRouter config files in order to successfully run TR-069 tests with the new ACS FQDN in CDRouter 11.8 and later versions.

Note: these changes only apply to devices that are currently using to connect to the ACS. Devices using a custom domain name or an IP address to connect to the ACS do not need to be updated.

  • If the DUT is configured with a static ACS URL containing, it must be updated to use the new domain name: or If the DUT receives its ACS URL via DHCP or DHCPv6, no changes need to be made to its configuration.

  • The default value of the acsDomain testvar has been changed to The value of this testvar must always be the same FQDN that is used in the ACS URL configured on the DUT above.

    testvar acsDomain   
  • The acsDiscoveryUrl testvar is used to specify the ACS URL assigned by CDRouter’s DHCP and DHCPv6 servers if the DUT supports dynamic ACS Discovery. Normally this testvar is only used to override the value that CDRouter automatically generates by combining the acsDomain , acsTransport and acsPort testvars. If this testvar is explicitly set in your config file, you may need to update the value to match the new FQDN of CDRouter’s ACS.

    testvar acsDiscoveryUrl        
  • Any existing configurations utilizing HTTPS for TR-069 with CDRouter’s default ACS domain name will need to be updated to use new TLS certificates that contain the new FQDN of the ACS. The domain name of the ACS’s associated “download server” was also changed from to, and a new TLS certificate is available for it as well.

    testvar acsCertPath           /usr/cdrouter/tests/
    testvar acsCaCertPath         /usr/cdrouter/tests/
    testvar acsDownloadCertPath   /usr/cdrouter/tests/
    testvar acsDownloadCaCertPath /usr/cdrouter/tests/