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CDRouter Installation and Upgrade Guide


This guide provides instructions for installing CDRouter. These instructions may be used to upgrade, downgrade, or install a specific release of CDRouter on a new or existing system.

Three installation methods are discussed in this guide:

The NTA1000 should be online with a connection to the Internet while installing CDRouter. If Internet access is not available, the offline version of the Manual installation using the command line method should be used instead.

This guide does not cover the CDRouter Demo. Installation instructions for the CDRouter Demo can be found here: Preparation and Installation of the CDRouter Demo.

Note that an active and valid license file is also needed in order to use CDRouter. Please see this guide for information on installing or updating a CDRouter license file.

Please feel free to contact for assistance with any of the instructions provided in this guide.

Automatic installation using the web interface

On CDRouter systems with an active internet connection, a notification banner will be displayed within the main header of the CDRouter web UI whenever a new release is available.

Clicking on the link in the notification banner will open the System > Upgrade page. Enter your email address and click the Check for Updates… button. If a newer release of CDRouter is available, follow the instructions provided on the page to automatically download and install it. This is the easiest and fastest way to upgrade a CDRouter system to the latest release.

Note: you must be running CDRouter 11.8.2 or greater in order to use this installation method. If you are running an earlier version of CDRouter, you must use the Manual installation using the command line method at the end of this document.

Manual installation using the web interface

Specific releases of CDRouter, including engineering releases, may be installed manually using the drag and drop feature located on the System > Upgrade page within the web UI.

To utilize this feature, download the appropriate CDRouter rpm from the Software Downloads section of the QA Cafe Customer Lounge. Then drag and drop the rpm file onto the target in the Manual Upgrade section of System > Upgrade page.

Note that CDRouter installation files are named using the convention cdrouter_X.Y.Z-1_x86_64.bin or cdrouter-X.Y.Z-1.qacafe.x86_64.rpm (where X.Y.Z indicates the release number).

Manual installation using the command line

CDRouter may also be installed manually from the command line as a user with root-level permissions. The NTA1000 should be online (connected to the Internet) while performing this procedure.

Download the CDRouter rpm package

Current versions of CDRouter are released as RPM files and installed using the "yum" package manager built into the operating system of the NTA1000. CDRouter rpm packages can be downloaded from the Software Downloads section of the QA Cafe Customer Lounge.

After downloading the appropriate rpm package file, copy it to a directory on the NTA1000.

Note, the NTA1000 should be online (connected to the Internet) so that any software dependencies needed by CDRouter can be automatically downloaded and installed. If the system is offline (not connected to the Internet), we recommend temporarily putting it online during the installation process so that the necessary dependencies may be installed. If this is not possible, use the Offline installation method below.

Online installation

If the system is online with a connection to the Internet, install or upgrade CDRouter using the command below: (This assumes you have already manually downloaded the RPM onto your CDRouter system and you have a terminal window in the current working directory)

yum install cdrouter-13.0.0-1.qacafe.x86_64.rpm

Note: The instructions for manually installing CDRouter vary based on the type of installation (install, upgrade, downgrade, reinstall). Select the appropriate set of instructions below to complete the installation.

  • Install or upgrade CDRouter
    yum install cdrouter-13.0.0-1.qacafe.x86_64.rpm

  • Downgrade to an older release
    yum downgrade cdrouter-13.0.0-1.qacafe.x86_64.rpm

  • Reinstall the same release
    yum reinstall cdrouter-13.0.0-1.qacafe.x86_64.rpm

Offline installation

If it is not possible to put the NTA1000 online (connected to the Internet), then you may install or upgrade CDRouter using the command below:
(The --cacheonly argument is required in order to bypass any software dependency checks that require access to the Internet)

yum install --cacheonly cdrouter-13.0.0-1.qacafe.x86_64.rpm