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Troubleshooting Start Up

If an error occurs while CloudShark is starting up, you will see an error page instead of the login window.

This error message will contain information for our support team to help troubleshoot the specific error that you are seeing. Here are some of the common reasons that CloudShark might be unable to start-up.


Seeing this error usually means there is some issue with the Memcached server. Memcached is required to be available to CloudShark during start-up. If CloudShark is unable to connect to the memcached server you will see an error page during start-up stating:

Dalli::RingError: No server available

Memcached might become unavailable because the memcached service is not running. To see if the memcached service is running use the command service memcached status. This command will report if the service is stopped or running. If the service is stopped run service memcached start as root to start memcached. Once memcached is running restart CloudShark with the command service cloudshark restart as root to see if this resolves the issue.

CloudShark may also be unable to connect to the memcached server due to the firewall on the system. Visit our firewall configuration page end ensure that the memcache service, which runs on port 11211 over tcp, is allowed through the firewall.

The configuration file /etc/sysconfig/memcached may also be misconfigured. CloudShark needs to be able to connect to memcached over port 11211 on localhost. 

License Problems

CloudShark needs a valid license file to start. An missing or invalid license can result in an error message stating that the license is missing or a message stating:

SQLite3::NotADatabaseException: file is encrypted or is not a database.

If your license has been deleted or is incorrect try running cloudshark-admin –install-latest. This will download your current license from the CloudShark lounge and restart CloudShark.

If you are still receiving error messages about your license please contact