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User Quotas

A user can have a quota assigned to them to limit the amount of storage they are allowed to have or a limited number of uploads. The maximum file size that a user can upload can also be controlled by assigning a quota. This setting is enabled on the Administration Settings page and this menu item will be hidden if it is disabled. When a user is created they can also have a quota created and applied using the User Default Settings.

The administrator can view all of the users configured quotas and current usage on the Usage and Quotas page. Clicking on a user will display their usage and quotas can be modified by checking users and clicking the Edit Selected Quotas button.

Once either quota is reached a user will be unable to upload captures using the web interface or any API tokens assigned to the user. If an Auto-Import directory is configured to assign captures to a user who is over their quota these files will not be imported into CloudShark.

Max Upload

The maximum file size that can be uploaded can be set for each user. If this is configured to be higher than the global maximum file size set on the Administration Settings then the user will only be able to upload captures under the global maximum file size. This is configured as a number followed by a unit. For example:

  • 100 KB
  • 20 MB
  • 1 GB

Storage Limit

A user can have a storage limit which will control how much disk space their captures are allowed to use. Once this quota is reached the user will have to delete some of their captures to be able to upload more captures. This is configured the same way as the Max Upload quota.

A storage limit larger than 1 TB cannot be created.

Upload Limit

Uploads can also be limited by a count. Once a user has uploaded this many captures they will be unable to perform any uploads until their upload counter is reset. The upload quota can be manually reset by the administrator editing the users quota or if Periodic Reset is enabled for the user their quota will always be reset on the first of the month.