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The info API call provides a mechanism for querying a CloudShark system to determine a capture file’s meta-information. The info call returns a JSON object containing all meta-information associated with the specified CloudShark capture session.


GET /api/v1/<token>/info/<cid>

The info call can be invoked by sending an http or https GET to the CloudShark system using a valid API token and CloudShark session capture ID.

Response Format

The info call returns a JSON object listing all of CloudShark’s information about the capture file:

  "data_size": 1051157,
  "group": "random_group_123",
  "duration": "40.540655",
  "group_write?": false,
  "size": 1059181,
  "last_accessed": "2012-03-19T14:39:09-04:00",
  "viewcount": 3,
  "created_at": "2012-03-09T15:45:50-05:00",
  "end_time": "2011-06-03T17:30:26-04:00",
  "truncated": "No",
  "comments": "",
  "avg_packet_size": "2102.31",
  "public?": false,
  "data_byte_rate": "25928.47",
  "id": "cd17d8b73fea",
  "tag_list": "random_tags",
  "filename": "offset.84st9a3z.cap",
  "cap_file_id": 276,
  "file": "/var/www/cloudshark/current/uploads/2012/03/09/15/53205f76-5529-4c7d-95d2-91d9e7b9128e.cap",
  "user": "random_user_123",
  "num_packets": 500,
  "data_bit_rate": "207427.73",
  "encapsulation": "Ethernet",
  "file_type": "Wireshark/tcpdump/... - libpcap",
  "avg_packet_rate": "12.33",
  "file_source": "upload",
  "start_time": "2011-06-03T17:29:46-04:00"