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Follow Stream

From the decoder window individual TCP and UDP streams can be followed (reassembled). Selecting a packet that is part of TCP or UDP stream will enable the Follow Stream button on the right side of the toolbar. Clicking this button opens the stream associated with the selected packet.

The follow stream window provides a number of useful features, including:

  • A Show only this stream link which re-opens the decode window with a filter applied to display only the selected stream
  • A Filter out this stream link which opens the decode window and displays everything except the selected stream
  • A Open in new window link which will open the follow stream window in a new browser window
  • The ability to view either ASCII or Hex output
  • The ability to separately display each side of the conversation within the selected stream
  • The ability to wrap long-lines, if desired Follow HTTP will decompress HTTP data before displaying it
  • Follow TLS will decrypt data according to the profile before displaying it