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CDRouter Installation and Upgrade Guide

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CDRouter Installation and Upgrade Guide

Installing CDRouter is easy! If you are a new or existing customer, or have downloaded the CDRouter Demo, just follow these simple instructions to complete your installation. If you are not an existing customer and are interested in learning more about CDRouter and trying the CDRouter Demo, please visit the CDRouter Information page to learn more.

Installing CDRouter is as simple as running our automated installer program. If you have never installed CDRouter before or are unfamiliar with Linux, this article will walk you through each of the steps necessary to download and run the CDRouter installer program on your system.

If you are already running CDRouter, you can upgrade to any newer version of CDRouter using the same procedure and still have access to all of your existing configurations, packages, and test results. In general, downgrading will also preserve existing configurations, packages, and test results with one exception: since the underlying database fundamentally changed in CDRouter version 10.0, downgrading from version 10.0 or above to a version below 10.0 will not preserve new configurations, packages, and test results.

You will also learn how to register and install the CDRouter license file to activate CDRouter on your system. This is only required for first-time installations or when a license is renewed or extended with one or more add-on modules:

  • CDRouter Multiport
  • CDRouter IPv6
  • CDRouter TR-069
  • CDRouter TR-069-EDM
  • CDRouter BBF.069
  • CDRouter IKE
  • CDRouter Nmap
  • CDRouter Storage
  • CDRouter SNMP
  • CDRouter Performance

Install CDRouter in three easy steps

Step 1: Download the CDRouter installer

If you don’t already have the CDRouter installer, download it from our Customer Lounge. Be sure to choose the correct installer for the product you have purchased . This is shown in the QA Cafe purchase invoice you received. If you are installing the CDRouter Demo, a direct link to the installer will be provided to you.

For each variant of CDRouter, the installer file is named as follows (where X.Y-Z indicates the version number):

CDRouter Variant Installer file
CDRouter cdrouter_X.Y-Z_x86_64.bin
CDRouter Demo cdrouter-demo_X.Y-Z_x86_64.bin

The installer for each variant of CDRouter contains the entire software application and all required components.

Step 2: Make the installer executable

Once downloaded to your Linux host, make the installer executable:

$ chmod 755 cdrouter_10.0-1_x86_64.bin

Note: You may need root-level access to perform this step. Root-level access can be obtained by logging in as root or issuing the sudo su command.

Step 3: Run the installer

The installer contains additional binary packages along with CDRouter.

$ ./cdrouter_10.0-1_x86_64.bin

If you are upgrading an existing CDRouter system, Congratulations! You’re Done!

If this is a new system or if your CDRouter license has been upgraded or renewed, proceed to the next section to install and activate the license file on your system.

Activate your CDRouter license

Before CDRouter can be used, the product must be registered and activated with with a CDRouter license file file.

If you have installed CDRouter-DEMO, there is no registration necessary. A 30-day cdr-DEMO.lic license file will be provided to you via email, which you must copy to the CDRouter host system and place in the /etc directory. When CDRouter-DEMO starts, it will read and validate the /etc/cdr-DEMO.lic before allowing the product to be used.

For all other CDRouter products, follow the steps below to complete the registration and install an active license file.

Step 1: Register your system-id

Note: If your CDRouter system has already been registered with QA Cafe, you may skip to the next step.

For every new CDRouter license purchased, the Linux system that CDRouter will be installed on must first be registered with QA Cafe. This is a one-time process for each new license and allows you to install and update the license file on your CDRouter system. Your CDRouter system must be registered and have a valid license installed before you can begin to use CDRouter.

You can register a system in the QA Cafe Customer Lounge using the system ID generated during installation. If you do not have your system ID, you can find it by issuing the following command: (Note: the system ID is not available until after CDRouter has been installed using the procedure above).

$ cdrouter-cli -show-system-id
Your system ID is: 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef

Once a system is registered, a license file will be created for it that can then be automatically downloaded and installed by CDRouter.

Note: CDRouter Demo users will obtain a Demo-specific license file from the QA Cafe Sales Team which is valid for 30 days. Demo users do not need to register their system IDs with QA Cafe and can skip this step.

Step 2: Download and Install the license file

Once your system has been registered with QA Cafe, you must update it with a valid license file. The license file is generated by the QA Cafe license database based on the system-id registered with your system and must be downloaded and placed in the /etc directory on the CDRouter host system.

CDRouter Variant License File
CDRouter cdrouter.lic
CDRouter Demo cdr-DEMO.lic

There are several ways to get and install the license file.

CDRouter Launch page

If there is no valid license file on the system, and you try to pull up CDRouter in a browser, you’ll see a page similar to the following:

CDRouter launch page

Simply click on the circled link. Your licence file will be automatically retrieved from QA Cafe and saved in the correct location. In addition, CDRouter will automatically restart allowing the new license to take effect.

Command line update method

Alternatively, you can use the CDRouter command line to retrieve the license file. As a second step, you will have to explicitly restart CDRouter.

$ cdrouter-cli -update-license

INFO: 17:19:29.270| System-id is 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef
INFO: 17:19:29.270| Requesting updated cdrouter license from
INFO: 17:19:30.354| Installing new license file to /etc/cdrouter.lic
INFO: 17:19:30.355| License update successful

INFO: 17:19:30.355| Please run 'service cdrouter restart' to restart CDRouter
INFO: 17:19:30.355| Note that any tests that are running in CDRouter will be stopped

$ service cdrouter restart
Restarting cdrouter...done
Manual update method

Finally, if your CDRouter system does not have access to the Internet, the license file can be downloaded to another computer directly from our Customer Lounge. Each license is identified by the system ID of the CDRouter system registered with it, and will display a link to download the license file.

You can also obtain your license file by contacting and have it emailed to you. If you have any questions about your CDRouter license, please refer to our License FAQ

When you receive the license file, the system ID of your CDRouter system will be included in the filename in order to identify the system it belongs to. You must manually rename the license file to ‘cdrouter.lic’, and place it in the /etc directory on your CDRouter system.


  • CDRouter
$ mv cdrouter-0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef.lic /etc/cdrouter.lic

Note: The license file for CDRouter Demo does not need to be renamed and can be copied or moved to the /etc directory on your Linux host as-is:

Restart CDRouter to activate your new license file:

$ service cdrouter restart
Restarting cdrouter...done

To verify that your license has been applied, issue the following command:

$ cdrouter-cli -info

You should see information pertaining to your license, including the add-ons you’ve purchased, the effective dates your Maintenance and Support Agreement, and the location of your license file.

That’s it! CDRouter is now installed and ready to use!

Renewing Your License or Upgrading CDRouter

Note that if you upgrade to a newer release of CDRouter, there is no need to update or reinstall the license file.

The steps to upgrading CDRouter are the same steps as installing CDRouter as outlined in Install CDRouter in three easy steps above.

As an alternative, once you download the installer file, you can also upgrade CDRouter from the Upgrade CDRouter section of the System page. Simply drag and drop the CDRouter installer file into the drop area.

Upgrade CDRouter page

However, if you renew your license or purchase any additional CDRouter add-ons, your CDRouter system will not become aware of the update until you download and install a new license file as well. There is no need to reregister your CDRouter system-id when updating your license file. There are multiple ways to update your license file:

Inside CDRouter

Navigate to the Update License section of the System page. From there you can either click the Download & Install License button, or if you’ve already manually downloaded the license file from the Customer Lounge, you can drag and drop it into the drop area.

Update CDRouter License page

Other methods

Alternatively, you can update your license file using any of the methods in Step 2 of the Activate your CDRouter license section above.

If you have problems with any of these steps, please refer to our Knowledge Base or contact

For help getting started with CDRouter, please refer to our Get Started page.



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