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How do I share my CDRouter results?

There are many ways to share and collaborate on CDRouter test results with colleagues, suppliers, customers and the QA Cafe support team.

Share Results via URL

Anyone with network access to a CDRouter system can login and view test results directly. Sharing URLs makes it easy to provide direct links to CDRouter test results and other resources in bug trackers, ticketing systems, emails, texts and automation/CI dashboards.

Please note that when automatic login is disabled, users are required to login before accessing a CDRouter system and viewing URLs.

Restrict Access with User Logins

When automatic login is enabled (the default), users are not required to login to view results, and all users have full administrative control of the system, its test results and other resources.

To require all users to login before viewing URLs, disable automatic login. Disabling automatic login will enable CDRouter’s user model, ensuring that only users with valid logins can access the system and view URLs.

CDRouter’s user model supports two types of users: admin users and guest users. Admin users have full control over all resources on the system. Guest users can only view resources that they have imported or that have been shared with them.

Guest accounts can be used to share results or other resources with inexperienced users or users from outside of your organization. Guest users can be granted read-only access to specific results or resources that have been shared with them by admin users. This allows fine control over which resources are visible to certain users.

Share Results via Export & Import

It is also possible to share test results with other users, teams or organizations that have their own CDRouter system but do not have access to your CDRouter system by exporting test results.

To export a test result, first create an export archive containing one or more test results. Next, send the export archive in an email or otherwise make it available to the remote users. Once received by the remote users, the export archive can be imported into their CDRouter system allowing them to view and analyze the test results.

CDRouter also supports importing and exporting test packages and configurations.

Share Results Online via QA Cafe

QA Cafe maintains a CDRouter system at that can be used to share results with other users that do not have their own CDRouter system. Please contact to request one or more accounts for your users.

There are several ways to share results or other resources with remote users or organizations that do not have their own CDRouter system:

  • Test results can be exported from your system and imported into using your account. You can then send an email to and request that this result be shared with your colleague.

  • Test results can be exported from your system and emailed or shared with your colleague. Your colleague can then import the results into using their account.

  • Test results can be exported from your system and imported into using a joint account that you share with your colleague.