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Note: The information provided in this article applies to CDRouter 10.0 and newer systems. For information specific to earlier versions of CDRouter, please refer to this article.


Fully Licensed Software:

Demo Software:

Fully Licensed Software

Do I need a license to run QA Cafe software?

Yes. All QA Cafe test products require a software license key that locks the software to a specific system. The key is a file that you must place in the /etc directory on the system where the software is installed. When copying the license file to your system in the /etc directory, the system-id should be removed from the license file name.

License files should be installed as:

  • /etc/cdrouter.lic

How do I get a license key?

You can download a license key after registering your system on QA Cafe’s customer lounge. In order to register your system, you will need your system-id and a login for QA Cafe’s web site. Login to your customer page a select one of your unregistered licenses:

License registration

License files should be installed as /etc/cdrouter.lic. When a license file is downloaded, it may contain the system-id in the filename which should be removed when the file is copied to the /etc directory.

What is the System-ID?

The System-ID is an identifier used by QA Cafe to uniquely identify your system. It is displayed as a 32 character text string.

How can I find out the System-ID?

During the initial install, the System-ID is displayed on the screen after the software is installed. You may see error messages since no actual license file exists. If CDRouter is already installed on your system, you can find the System-ID on the Basic Info tab of the Systems page of the CDRouter Web UI,

Basic Info Tab

or by using the -show-system-id option with the cdrouter-cli command. For example:

[root@cdrouter]# cdrouter-cli -show-system-id 

Your system ID is: 237a6c003158eacba43d20b858f999e4

Do I need a new license for every software release?

No. Newer releases will work with the existing software license for up to a year or more depending on your length of your support contract. You may need a new license when you renew your support contract.

Will my software expire and stop working?

No. Once you have a valid software license key, you can continue to run the same release of CDRouter forever. The software never expires. At the end of your support contract however, you may not be able to upgrade to any newer versions.

How do I upgrade my license file once my support contract is extended?

After extending your existing support contact, you may download a new version of your license file. The new license file will allow you to continue to upgrade the software with future releases. If your CDRouter system has Internet access, you may update your license with one of the following automatic methods:

1) Using the CDRouter web UI, you can update your license with the Update License tab on the Systems page.

Update License Tab


2) Using the command-line, you can use the cdrouter-cli with the -update-license option to automatically download an up-to-date copy of your license.

[root@cdrouter configs]# cdrouter-cli -update-license
INFO: 10:28:44.369| System-id is 237a6c003158eacba43d20b858f999e4
INFO: 10:28:44.369| Requesting updated cdrouter license from
INFO: 10:28:45.251| Backing up original to: /tmp/old_cdrouter.lic
INFO: 10:28:45.251| Installing new license file to /etc/cdrouter.lic
INFO: 10:28:45.252| License update successful

If your machine is not connected to the Internet, you must log into the QA Cafe Lounge web site and download a new license file.

How can I tell when my license expires?

This information is displayed in the CDRouter web UI, on the Home page.

CDRouter Home Page

The license information is also displayed in the log output each time cdrouter-cli is started. You can also run cdrouter-cli -info to display the license information at any time. For example,

[root@cdrouter cdrouter]# cdrouter-cli -info
Starting cdrouter-cli Fri May 06 10:47:12 EDT 2016
Copyright (c) 2001-2016 by QA Cafe
Version 10.0 build 9 (21729), built 2016-04-27 16:59:03 by build@cdr-forge6.lan (x86_64)
Loaded OS distro CentOS release 6.7 (Final) Kernel \r on an \m 
Loaded OS version Linux-3.10.75-1.el6.elrepo.x86_64 x86_64
Loaded Tcl version 8.6.4
Loaded buddy version 10.0.9
(mockbuild@Build64R6) (gcc version 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-11) (GCC) )
Trying to load modules from '.'
Trying to load modules from '/usr/share/doc/cdrouter'
Start command: /usr/cdrouter/bin/cdrouter-cli -info
Test Suite cdrouter 10.0.9
The system ID is 237a6c003158eacba43d20b858f999e4
Using license installed at: /etc/cdrouter.lic
Serial number: NTA1000-10201
Registered to: qacafe
Maintenance, Support and Upgrades until: 2016-10-26
Licensed to run: cdrouter
Multiport is enabled
IPv6 is enabled
Storage is enabled
IKE is enabled
TR69 is enabled
TR69-EDM is enabled
Nmap is enabled
BBF.069 is disabled
Viewer is disabled
SNMP is enabled
Performance is enabled
CPU is Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU         660  @ 3.33GHz, bogomips 6666.37
Loaded TclXML version 3.1 (libxml2), TclDOM 3.0, xmldefs 3.1
NTA platform 2, image 4.2, serial number NTA1000-10201
BBF.069 is not installed

Why am I receiving an ‘improperly formatted system id’ error?

The system id may only contain the numbers 0-9, and letters a-f. Additionally, the system id must be 32 characters long. If you entered this information manually or using a cut and paste operation, please verify that system id is correct.

What about CDRouter Add-Ons?

CDRouter Add-Ons are extension modules that provide additional functionality and add several new test-cases to the base CDRouter platform. Several CDRouter Add-Ons are available, including:

Any time you add a new CDRouter Add-On to an existing CDRouter system, your must download an updated license file to your CDRouter system to acivate the new features. Use the Update License tab on the Systems page in the CDRouter web UI, or the -update-license command-line option for the cdrouter-cli command line tool.

Demo Software

Do I need a license key for a demo version of the software?

Yes. All QA Cafe software requires a license key. When you registered to download the CDRouter Demo, you were emailed a link to the download page. This license key is available from that page.

I have a demo version, where do I install the license key?

The license key downloaded along with your software should be placed in /etc on the system that is running the software. For example: /etc/cdr-DEMO.lic.

How long can I try out a demo version?

The trial period for demo versions of QA Cafe software is limited to 30 days.



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