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Upgrade Instructions

Packet Viewer 1.1 has some breaking changes that must be addressed while upgrading. There is no automatic migration at this time. Please address the following changes:

1. Remove old React props

Remove the following props from your <PacketViewer> component instantiation if you had been using them:

  • enabledAnalysis: Additional analysis tools will be provided in future components
  • enableProfileSwitching: The profile switcher is no longer optional
  • hideTitle: The title showing the file name is no longer part of the component
  • onClose: The component does not manage its own hide/show state anymore

2. Add the new Stylesheet

Packet Viewer 1.1 ships with a separate CSS Stylesheet which needs to be imported into your applications environment. Packet Viewer will not render correctly without this addition.

import "@qacafe/pv-react/dist/main.css";

If you’d like to further modify the style, please refer to the CSS variable reference for more information.

3. Deploy the updated service Docker

The UI components must talk to the updated Packet Viewer v1.1 Docker image to function correctly. The update of the front-end and back-end must be synchronized.

Logging in Packet Viewer v1.1 has been updated to output JSON structured logs to STDERR. View our logging documentation for more information and tips for viewing these logs.

4. Update your Health Check

Packet Viewer 1.1 has a new /api/health endpoint which should be used to monitor application health. Update any monitoring to point here instead of the previously recommended /api/docs endpoint.

The expected response is: 200 OK.