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Additional info for AWS Users

CloudShark on AWS EC2

CloudShark supports running on any instance type that is Amazon EBS-Backed. For the best performance choose the Compute Optimized C4 instance type. It is also possible to run on the General Purpose T2 instance type, however, this is better suited to trials or single user CloudShark instances.

As Amazon is always improving their offerings, it’s worth checking the list of instance types frequently to see if there are better options available.

Security Group

By default CloudShark will listen on TCP port 443 for HTTPS for access the Web UI and TCP port 5050 for HTTPS to access the QALA License Server.

Storage Options

CloudShark needs to store files on a persistent disk. Native storage on S3 is not currently supported. Disks are able to be resized after they have been created, but start with a good estimate of how much space you will need.