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This guide describes how to update or register a new license for a CloudShark system.

The License File

The license file is a cryptographically signed plain-text file containing the following information:

  • The expiration date of the system’s Subscription or Maintenance and Support Agreement (MSA)
  • The list of expansions that have been purchased and that are enabled
  • The unique Host-ID of the machine the license is locked to
  • The number of user accounts permitted on this system

A valid license must be installed in order to use CloudShark.

CloudShark is node-locked to a single system identified by a unique Host-ID or IP address.

Alternate license deployments

If you are using Docker, have multiple dev/staging instances, or are looking at deploying a fail-over configuration, it may make sense for you to run a stand-alone QALA server. Please contact Support to discuss this option.


The QA Cafe License App (“QALA”) must be running on the same VM as your CloudShark installation. You can access it by visiting HTTPS port 5050.

The default password is qacafe. This can be changed. If you lose your password, contact us.

Logging in allows you to see the licenses that are available on your system. The license files are available to be downloaded from the QA Cafe Customer Lounge.

Updating your license

When the MSA for a system is renewed, or if additional expansions are purchased, the license file must be updated for the changes to become effective.

Upgrade Steps

  1. Visit the QA Cafe Customer Lounge and login with your email address.

  2. Download the updated license for your system.

  3. Login to QALA on https port 5050 on your CloudShark system.

  4. Press the Upload License button and browse to the file you wish to upload

Note: If you are uploading a new license to replace an old one, you will see the green message box report “license count was unchanged”. This means your new license has replaced your old one and nothing is needed further.

Verify the license pool information has your new MSA dates and options.

  1. Restart CloudShark for the new license to take effect.
systemctl reset-failed cloudshark-\* && systemctl restart cloudshark-full
  1. Verify the new license is picked by visiting the Appliance Setup -> System Info page within CloudShark.

Registering a new license

Click on the Register a new license button to view the registration information. This takes the form of a hexadecimal Host ID.

Click to copy Host-ID and submit a registration request in the Lounge.  We will reply when your updated license file is available for download.

Managing licenses from the CLI

You can manage your licenses easily from the CLI without needing web access to port 5050. The qala command is able to show your Host-ID and add licenses from the CLI:

Determining your Host ID

/usr/qacafe/bin/qala hostid

Adding a license to the server

/usr/qacafe/bin/qala add /path/to/cloudshark.lic

Reloading the license server

/usr/qacafe/bin/qala reload