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Custom Curl Options

You can customize the behavior of the curl command by creating a file at /usr/cloudshark/etc/curlrc that contains some of the following command-line options. The file MUST be readable by the cloudshark Linux user.

There are a multitude of additional options that you can configure within curl to control how captures are fetched. The full documentation for the curl command is available here.

Allowed Protocols

By default, CloudShark will limit the allowed protocols for fetched URLs to be http and https only. Additionally, ftp and file can be enabled from the CloudShark GUI. If you would like any additional protocols enabled, they can be specified in the config file.

--protos all

Insecure Mode

If you are fetching from web servers using self-signed certificates, you may wish to enable insecure mode which will not verify the certificate. The transmission will still take place over TLS.


Follow Redirects

CloudShark will not follow URL redirects by default when fetching a capture file. This is considered insecure over HTTP and capture security is important to us. If it is necessary for you to follow redirects when importing by URL, you will need to add this option.



CloudShark requires that the entire curl command take no longer than 55 seconds. This is to avoid a timeout with the web browser. This timeout can not be extended longer than that. However, if you would like to shorten that timeout for performance reasons, there are two options to consider.

The total time allowed for the entire transmission:

--max-time <seconds>

The time allowed for the TCP connection to take place:

--connect-timeout <seconds>

Proxy Support

If your CloudShark server needs to access a Proxy server in order to fetch URLs, proxy support should be added here too.

--proxy [protocol://]host[:port]