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CloudShark stores capture files, custom user profiles, and private RSA keys in the directory /usr/cloudshark/data.

A common scenario is to mount a remote file system on a CloudShark host, to improve the size, speed, and robustness of the system storage. This article details how to change the default storage directory.

Updating the Directory

Do not adjust the directory location by manually editing the cloudshark.conf file. This is not supported.

In this example we will use /mnt/data as an external storage location that has been mounted.

1. Stop CloudShark

To ensure no new files are uploaded while updating the storage directory, stop CloudShark by running:

systemctl stop cloudshark-full

2. Set Owner

Grant ownership of the new directory to the cloudshark user and group:

chown cloudshark.cloudshark /mnt/data

You must create a symbolic link for theĀ /usr/cloudshark/data directory to point to your new storage directory. To rename the existing storage directory and create the symbolic link run:

mv /usr/cloudshark/data /usr/cloudshark/data.original
ln -s /mnt/data /usr/cloudshark/data

4. Copy Files

Copy all of the existing files from the original storage location to the new location:

cp -r /usr/cloudshark/data.original/* /mnt/data

5. Start CloudShark

Once the files from the original storage location have been copied, CloudShark can be started by running:

systemctl start cloudshark-full