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CloudShark 3.9.0

CloudShark is now available in Docker

CloudShark Enterprise 3.9.0 introduces support for running in Docker-based environments. There are no new features or bug-fixes included.

Migrating data from prior versions is currently not supported. A migration tool will be made available along with CloudShark 3.9.2 which is scheduled for Q3, 2021.

If you are an existing customer and wish to move to Docker, we encourage you to install and test this release alongside your production CloudShark Enterprise for free!

Customers wishing to remain on their existing VM are able to do so, and should wait for CloudShark 3.9.2 to upgrade.


The environment for running a fresh install of CloudShark 3.9.0 in Docker is described Setting up a fresh installation for CloudShark 3.9.0 is described here.


CloudShark Enterprise 3.9.0 requires a new license file format that is independent of the software download. Please discuss your trial-license needs with QA Cafe Sales.