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CloudShark 3.9.5

Install CloudShark without an internet connection!

The new installer includes everything you need to install and run CloudShark in an offline environment, and no longer relies on additional software repositories to pull packages from the internet.

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your offline or air-gapped installation, this release is for you!

New Features 

New all-in-one Installer

The new CloudShark 3.9.5 installer contains all dependencies in a single download, providing a single installer for either online or offline (air-gap) systems! Everything you need to install on top of a Minimal CentOS 7 system is included.

The upgrade workflow has been improved as well. No additional CLI arguments are required by default. If an older version of CloudShark is detected, the installer will prompt you to confirm upgrading. You can suppress the prompt by including the –upgrade flag.

Bug Fixes and other Changes

  • Updates to the latest available GeoIP databases
  • Adds a missing symlink required to enable PAM external-authentication


  • CloudShark 3.9.5 is only supported on CentOS 7 systems.