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CloudShark 3.9.2

CloudShark 3.9.2 brings together a lot of changes and improvements behind the scenes to revamp our packaging, installation, licensing and more!

New Features

Container Support

CloudShark now supports running inside containers! This is an optional deployment. We continue to support VM/bare metal servers as well. If you would like to migrate to a containerized installation, please contact us.


The cloudshark-admin tool has been retired.

In addition, the old CloudShark Lounge has been migrated to the combined QA Cafe Customer Lounge which is the only place to download the 3.9.2 installer from.

The new installer creates a local repository on your disk, and no longer needs to communicate with Additional dependencies are downloaded from the epel-release repository provided by CentOS.

A single installer can be used for all your installations without having to sign into the lounge each time.

If you run an air gapped deployment that is not able to connect to an epel-release repository, you will need our “offline” installer available early Q2.


The new and improved license mechanism makes it much easier for customers to manage and deploy multiple instances of CloudShark. For single instances, you no longer need to also update your license file every time you upgrade the version of CloudShark.

Customers who are upgrading to 3.9.2 will need to re-register their system with QA Cafe Support.

Bug Fixes and other Issues

No issues have been identified or changed for this release. CloudShark 3.9.2 is functionally equivalent to CloudShark 3.8.3.

Upgrade Instructions

The upgrade process has changed! Please contact QA Cafe Support for details on how to upgrade.

Upgrade Caveats

  • RSA keys stored in an encrypted PKCS#12 format will not be migrated to 3.9.2 with their passphrase intact. Contact us if you are using RSA keys in this format.