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CloudShark 3.15.0

December 13th, 2023

This is a small release for a big bug that we were been bitten by! Our underlying decode engine suffered from a problem where the Delta Time computed timestamps were not always showing up correctly.

Delta Time Bug Fixed

It was reported to us that we were not showing the correct value for the Delta Time (Displayed) column in the packet list. The field was calculated correctly in the Decode tree, but not anywhere else. It was determined that this was a defect upstream in the decoding engine.

Our engineer was able to submit a fix for the issue that was accepted upstream for both Wireshark 3.6 and Wireshark 4.2 so this will no longer be an issue for the community at large.

Other Changes

  • Fixes an issue where in some situations exporting a capture that you don’t own caused a crash


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