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CloudShark 3.13.0

June 22, 2023

Happy Solstice!

New Features

Web-based API uploads

CloudShark makes it easy to invite 3rd parties to upload capture files! API tokens have a new option to support a well-known URL within CloudShark that lets you upload a file if you have a valid API token.

This is incredibly useful if you have a customer or other 3rd party who needs to send a PCAP to your CloudShark instance, but don’t need them to be able to log in or have an account on the system.

These new links should be treated just like API tokens, but make it much easier for someone to come and upload a PCAP without needing to use curl from a console.

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License and support contract information

Customers with a perpetual license are now able to see the status of their Maintenance and Support Agreement within CloudShark. The support expiration date is now available on the System Info page in the Admin area.

This also makes it easier to confirm that your updated license has been applied correctly following your renewal.

This also adds a banner in CloudShark when the renewal date is approaching.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Fixed internal issue that caused files to be reloaded after a bad analysis tool request
  • Fixed an off-by-1 (thousand) error message when loading a PCAP with more than 400k packets
  • Made the SAML ACS Destination URL configurable
  • Added automatic click-to-copy for API tokens
  • Renamed a Threat Assessment resource to avoid a false-positive in uBlock Origin.
  • Added beta support for AlmaLinux 8 (Feedback)


For help upgrading with step-by-step instructions, please see our upgrade guide.